Thursday, 15 January 2015

Eating skirts

I'm determined to make my way through my Pinterest board of 'easy peasy sewing' items. That might be somewhat impossible as I am adding to it faster than I'm making, but you gotta have a dream...
This tutorial from 'Make It & Love It' was too tempting given my recent pregnancy and the resulting multitude of maxis now sitting unused in my wardrobe. (What is it about maternity clothes that no matter how much you loved them with a bump, they totally lose their attraction once the baby is out?)
Unusually for me, I followed the instructions and was delighted with the results: so much so I immediately donned it for lunch. This 'eating skirt' is stretchy, comfy and cool - what's not to love?!
After lunch, I was still buzzing so grabbed another skirt and - true to form - decided to 'interpret' the instructions and add in a hidden elastic instead of sewing it on as a waistband. I won't be doing that again in a hurry, mostly because the elastic threading thingy (yes, that's the technical term) kept dropping the elastic meaning I had to undo stitching in the end to get it through. Nonetheless, it came out well and is as wearable as the first one.
Must. Not. Get. Addicted.

What I've learned:
  • this tool is OK for shorter threadings of elastic - like a baby's neckline - but for longer threadings I'll probably do the sewing after pinning the elastic in place
  • sometimes you've just got to learn the hard way

The above sort of looks like the tool I have, but this is probably what I should be using.

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