Wednesday, 14 January 2015

10 minute / 90 minute dress

When I saw this tutorial for a 10-minute dress, I decided it was perfect to lift my mood and give me a 'win' after yesterday's failure of a summer suit (which I will try again as soon as I've finished ironing out what went wrong, with the help of lovely Rae who provided the tutorial). It also liked the idea as one thing I hate about dresses (apart from the fact they are all pink and flowery) is they tend to ride up and end up all bunched around baby's waist, which must be pretty uncomfortable in this tropical heat. Also, having to take off the matching panties to change a nappy isn't my idea of practical: this dress with a hidden bodysuit sounded like the solution to that.
To be honest, it did not take 10 minutes or anything like it, mostly due to my having to unpick the entire skirt from the bodysuit as it had been sewn on so badly - I'd actually missed huge sections so it was half-attached, half hanging off. In the end, I reckon I spent over an hour on it but it doesn't matter cos it worked!
I had a pack of wee flowers on hand from the amazing Daiso (12 for a quid!) so I sewed a few over the faded logo on the bodysuit and I think it added a nice finishing touch.

What I learned:
  • unpicking stitches takes AGES, although there's possibly a better technique I haven't yet discovered
  • shirring isn't half as scary as I thought
  • picking up odds and ends of bargains for embellishments is worthwhile
  • upcycling is very satisfying


  1. Abena!!! This is great! Welcome to the world of making - it's totally addictive I'm sure you'll see. I'm well impressed that you are finding time with a wee baby and TWO boys!! Supermama!

    I saw your post from yesterday and just thought I'd say that the Geranium dress by Rae is my favourite ever pattern for little girls. It's well worth the purchase - size from newborn to T5. Perfect for hot weather. Loads of different options so you can make them all look different and the instructions are brilliant. Izzie has three of them and there will be more.
    Lots of love to you and I'll add your blog to my reader! Can't wait to see more making! xxx

    1. Thanks Sarah. I really appreciate your encouraging comments as well as the recommended pattern. I see you're a teacher too so hopefully we'll meet again across the classroom or sewing machine :)

    2. Yes - I would love to here about your teaching out there. I'm not teaching at the moment as I've been able to take time off with Ezra. I'll be back in the classroom in September :-) We should skype some time my love. xx