Saturday, 17 January 2015

Doctor Who costume

From the minute my 6-year-old learned what a sewing machine could do, he's been asking for a 'David Tennant' suit. My husband clarified that he meant Dr Who but when I looked up Google Images, I thought, 'Not in this lifetime matey!' - way too complicated for a beginner like me.
In the meantime, a good old rummage through the mountain of clothing in Sharin's Bundle Shop, I unearthed this groovy pin-stripey dress.

I wasn't entirely sure what I'd do with it but the fact it was cotton and 1rm (about 20p in the UK or 30 cents in the US) was enough to convince me; it's nigh on impossible to find anything apart from synthetic clothes in high street shops these days, so I knew I'd put it to good use.
Once washed, it was added the ever-growing pile of material by my machine where my son spotted it and announced it was just what was needed for his David Tennant costume. After some negotiation, he instructed me to make a waistcoat which then led to him eyeing up the remaining fabric and asking, 'What about the trousers?' (He doesn't miss a beat.) Only a few swear words later (internally uttered of course) and a bit of old red t-shirt - voila! Something of a David-Tennant-Dr-Who costume that took around an hour.

It's far from perfect, and missing the full-length coat (gimme a break!) but my son's happy and he asked me as I finished off, 'Are all mummies magic?' Yes they are son!

What I learned:

  • keep my fabrics hidden from my children
  • you can't avoid finishing off edges to avoid fraying, even for a costume
  • basic cosplay trousers are easier than even cushion covers
  • old school T-shirts are good for costume 'shirt' collars
  • children's imagination has no limit and their standards are far less exacting than mine


  1. I love Dr Who too! Making a cute Dr Who-theme skirt is on my to-do list. :) Great job.

  2. Thanks Jennifer. I wish you all the best with making your skirt - do send over a picture when it's done. Enjoy! :)