Friday, 29 May 2015

Romper to Top

When the little' un came along, chums were very generous with gifts of clothing. I know my friend, Claire, had been awaiting the arrival so she could pass on her funky fashion and this was one of the first things my daughter wore. (Claire told me lemons were very much 'on trend' - as if I didn't know...ahem...)
My little girl wasn't born so big, but she soon outgrew this 0-3 month piece and it's been on a teddy in her room ever since; no longer were we able to fasten it around her ever-chunkier thighs. Well, nothing - not even sentimental items - are safe from my upcycling fever so after making sure it still fitted everywhere else, I carefully cut around the bottom edge and sewed in some double-layered 5rm Daiso cotton lace ($1 - actually 0.50 cents as I only used half the packet). The result - a top she can wear for at least a couple more months. I only wish I'd thought of it earlier as she's now over 9 months. Anyway, it's a win - thanks Claire!

What I learned:
  • Baby rompers from Gap are wholly lined
  • I can extend the life of clothes for my little girl with lots of romper upcycling
  • Hold on to the placket of snap closures for future projects (as they are such a pain to attach individually)
  • Remembering to 'true' the cut a little round to reflect the cylindrical body  gives a much better finish than a 'straight across' cut


  1. I wish I had realized that when my two were little since they are out of rompers now. I'll have to see how I can upcycle some of the outfits that I like on them. Looking forests to what else you come up with.

  2. Making tops and removing sleeves I think can extend the life of their clothes. They grow so bloomin' fast!